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I am Satish. I am 49 years old. I have been in sales field since last 26yrs . I stepped in  this field as and when i cleared my graduation in commerce. I  cleared my graduation in 1994 and since then working as Sales Representative for medium size company but still  luckily  a reputed company which made my going bit easy.

I have been trying to take up a different job since pretty long time to fulfill my life responsibilities that is for expenses for my sons Education , daughter's Marriage and to save some money for my retired life . When i was very seriously searching for alternate income few of  my friends advised to  take up affiliate marketing as a career.

This advise i readily accepted because i need not discontinue my  job. And of all it is the same line which  i was in the last 26yrs with a difference that i have to sell the products online. So i started this during evening time to earn some extra money so that i can fulfill  my responsibilities soon and very easily.  

The Products which i offer you are very interesting that is first from my favorite niche, books. And that too books which are useful to develop our children's character. These books will help to build the personality of the growing child. They are also useful to persons of all ages especially for those who want to die as a better man. 

Since i was a father and always been looking for ways to train my children for sake of  improving there life by building  a strong personality i was attracted to this niche. I will be adding more products from different niches.So keep visiting my site once in a week to know the latest introductions and developments if any. But i will be making changes almost on a daily basis.

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